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    The Bite Rite Story

The success to any "Denture" is the Bite or Occlusion, it's so important that we named our denture clinic "The Bite Rite", because if you get the correct bite especially in a Full over Full Denture, you should get an excellent result. And who doesn't want to get an excellent result for their dentures.

At all the procedures when you are making your dentures you involve your patient at all stages. First, you discuss with your patient all the stages you have to go through, the stages involve taking 1st and 2nd impressions, bite registration, hence the try-in stage. The try-in stage is one of the most important stage at making the dentures.

The patient gets a look at this stage where things can be changed, e.g. Mould or Shade of the teeth, for the prosthetist they can correct the occlusion or bite record, at this stage if patient is happy with all they can see, both parties are happy to continue to the finish stage and issue of the dentures. The next visit the patient gets their dentures, there should be no problems.

At issue of the dentures the prosthetist checks the bite and fit, if all is done correctly there might only be a few minor adjustments. You see your patient a week later; you might still have a few adjustments but if all stages at making dentures are done correctly, you should get a good result and a happy patient who will tell everyone about your work, and that is the best way of advertising .

Mark Hoffman - Dental Prosthetist
Bill Gaida - Dental Prosthetist

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